Job – 1 position for doctoral research associate in the field Ottoman Studies / Turkish Studies or History of Islam2023

Suggestions for dissertation topics (german language)

Early and Prehistorical Archaeology (Prof. Dr. Dieter Quast)

Ancient Church History / Catholic Theology (Prof. Dr. Heike Grieser)

Ancient History (Prof. Dr. Marietta Horster)

Classical Archaeology (Prof. Dr. Heide Frielinghaus)

Christian Archaeology / Byzantine Art History (Prof. Dr. Ute Verstegen)

Byzantine Studies (Prof. Dr. Johannes Pahlitzsch)

Medieval History (Prof. Dr. Jörg Rogge)

Medieval History (Prof. Dr. Ludger Körntgen)

History of the Islamic Mediterranean (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Henning)

Southeastern European History (Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Maner)

Eastern European History (Prof. Dr. Jan Kusber)

Musicology (Prof. Dr. Klaus Pietschmann)


Author: Dr. Bernard Mulholland

Dr. Bernard Mulholland is a Byzantinist, archaeologist, historian and Patristics scholar with a Ph.D. in history (QUB, 2012). Bernard's publications include: Fiction: Bernard Mulholland, Nazareth Quest (2022). Non-fiction: Bernard Mulholland, The man from MENSA - 1 of 600: Mensa research (2016). ---, The man from MENSA - 1 of the 600: Politics 1990-1995 (2016). ---, Ratio analysis of financial KPI in the Higher Education sector: a case study (2018). ---, Early Byzantine Ireland: a survey of the archaeological evidence (2021). ---, Navan Fort, Ireland: archaeological and palaeoecological analysis (2021). ---, The Early Byzantine Christian Church (Oxford, 2014). ---, 'Identification of Early Byzantine Constantinopolitan, Syrian, and Roman church plans in the Levant and some possible consequences', Patristic Studies in the twenty-first century: proceedings of an international conference to mark the 50th anniversary of the International Association of Patristic Studies, ed. Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Theodore de Bruyn and Carol Harrison (Turnhout, 2015), 597-633. Mulholland, B. (2021). 'Can archaeology inform the climate change debate?' Academia Letters, Article4385.

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