Perceiving, interpreting, teaching Byzantine liturgical poetry. Nikephoros Kallistou Xanthopoulos’ treatises on hymns

Bernard Mulholland, Early Byzantine Ireland: a survey of the archaeological evidence (2021).

Funded by FWF, ESPRIT programme, Project number ESP 269-G. The project, hosted by the Department of Byzantine Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, is led by Maria-Lucia Goiana and mentored by Claudia Rapp. It aims to address Xanthopoulos’ three treatises on hymns—on the anabathmoi of the Oktoechos; on various types of hymns; on the Mariological troparion Τὴν τιμιωτέραν τῶν Χερουβίμ—as witnesses to aspects of education and scholarship in Byzantium, and thus to unlock for the first time in a comprehensive case-study the potential of such commentaries for a better understanding of Byzantine contexts of transmission of knowledge. Special emphasis will be placed on the manuscripts transmitting Xanthopoulos’ treatises as complex sociocultural objects, revealing information on how the texts circulated, were read and studied by generations of users. For further information, please contact Maria-Lucia Goiana ( and check the project’s website.


Author: Dr. Bernard Mulholland

Dr. Bernard Mulholland is a Byzantinist, archaeologist, historian and Patristics scholar with a Ph.D. in history (QUB, 2012). Bernard's publications include: Fiction: Bernard Mulholland, Nazareth Quest (2022). Non-fiction: Bernard Mulholland, The man from MENSA - 1 of 600: Mensa research (2016). ---, The man from MENSA - 1 of the 600: Politics 1990-1995 (2016). ---, Ratio analysis of financial KPI in the Higher Education sector: a case study (2018). ---, Early Byzantine Ireland: a survey of the archaeological evidence (2021). ---, Navan Fort, Ireland: archaeological and palaeoecological analysis (2021). ---, The Early Byzantine Christian Church (Oxford, 2014). ---, 'Identification of Early Byzantine Constantinopolitan, Syrian, and Roman church plans in the Levant and some possible consequences', Patristic Studies in the twenty-first century: proceedings of an international conference to mark the 50th anniversary of the International Association of Patristic Studies, ed. Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Theodore de Bruyn and Carol Harrison (Turnhout, 2015), 597-633. Mulholland, B. (2021). 'Can archaeology inform the climate change debate?' Academia Letters, Article4385.

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