• Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean World, March 24 2023

    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/encounters-in-the-medieval-mediterranean-world-tickets-565714476227?aff=erelexpmlt Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean World Hussein Fancy (Yale University) & Jonathan Conant (Brown University) This event will take place online; you will receive the necessary Zoom information under the “Additional Information” section in the confirmation email from Eventbrite upon registration. You will receive the Zoom link again in additional emails leading up to… Read more

  • AIEP website

    https://www.aiep-iaps.org/ Welcome to the International Association of Patristic Studies The purpose of the Association is to promote the study of Christian antiquity, especially the Fathers of the Church. The Association attempts to bring into contact all those whose work in one way or another concerns patristic research, especially those engaged in imparting instruction in this… Read more

  • Call for Prospoals: Individual Identity Formation among Christians in Antiquity

    Michael Glowasky (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley / University of Ottawa) Theodore de Bruyn (University of Ottawa) We know today that individual identity formation is an ongoing process involving a complex set of factors, including one’s life experiences, exposure to diverse worldviews, and affiliation with different social groups, as well as changes to… Read more


    DFG FUNDS YOUNG RESEARCHERS’ GROUP WITH APPROXIMATELY 6,5 MILLION EUROS“Ambivalent Enmity” is the topic of a new Research Training Group (RTG) at Heidelberg University based in the humanities and social sciences. It will focus on “Dynamics of Antagonism in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East”. The application for Research Training Group 2840, a collaboration with… Read more


    Grateful to BSANA for this notice. The Byzantinist Society of Cyprus Executive Committee We invite you to the Fourth International Conference on Byzantine andMedieval Studies, organized by the Byzantinist Society of Cyprus(Βυζαντινολογική Εταιρεία Κύπρου), in the Nicosia Multipurpose MunicipalCenter (Πολυδύναμο Δημοτικό Κέντρο Λευκωσίας), between the 17th and 19thof March 2023. Academics, researchers, and post-graduate students… Read more

  • COP – Can archaeology inform the climate change debate?

    COP is an interesting event, but, is global warming the only imminent environmental threat to humanity? Archaeologists are creatures of habit, and as such they habitually record on archaeological drawings the orientation of buildings in relation to magnetic north at the time of excavation. During research towards The Early Byzantine Christian Church (Mulholland, 2014, p.… Read more

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