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In April-May, our channel will present the following videos:

Section: New books on Patristics

Interview with Prof. Travis W. Proctor (Assistant Professor of Religion, Director Premodern and Ancient World Studies (P.A.S.T.) Program, Wittenberg University), about his recent book Demonic Bodies and the Dark Ecologies of Early Christian Culture, published by Oxford University Press in 2022. Special thanks to Prof. Brad Boswell (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, Princeton
University).  This video will be uploaded on April 29th.

Interview with Prof. Francisco Bastitta Harriet (Instituto de Filosofía “Dr. Alejandro Korn”, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas), about his recent book An Ontological Freedom: The Origins of the Notion in Gregory of Nyssa and its Influence unto the Italian Renaissance, published by Brill | Schöningh in 2023.  Special thanks to Prof. Matthieu Cassin (CNRS, Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes. Section grecque et de l’Orient chrétien, Paris, France). This video will be uploaded on May 6th.

Thanks to these prestigious scholars for their important contribution!
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Review of Nazareth Quest in Mensa Magazine

There are two reasons to publish this review in Mensa Magazine at this time.

Firstly, for a writer it is satisfying to receive some public acknowledgement and recognition that their work is worthy of mention.

Secondly, British Mensa is undergoing some major structural changes as this high-IQ society adapts to modern technology and social media. As a result the monthly Mensa Magazine is no longer published, and has been replaced by the bi-monthly IQ magazine. This means that copies of Mensa Magazine are now collectors’ items and will become increasingly rare.

The novel Nazareth Quest is an intense thriller set in Israel. It is available from good booksellers as a paperback and in hardcover, such as Amazon, and as an ebook from Kindle, Google Play and Apple Books.

Bernard Mulholland, Nazareth Quest (2022).

The man from MENSA – 1 of 600: Mensa research

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There is little in the public domain about this élite international high-IQ society, MENSA, which boasts a membership tested to have an IQ among the highest two per cent of the population. This book was written by an insider who, as a member of MENSA, contributed extensively to this high-IQ society over a span of almost thirty years. MENSA was originally conceived of as a third pillar intended to complement the Royal Society and the British Academy. When it was founded in Oxford during 1946 its original goal was to gather six hundred of the most intelligent people in Britain, as scientifically measured through an IQ test, who the government and its agencies could contact for advice on matters of government. It had two purposes: first, to conduct research in psychology and social science and, secondly, to provide contact between intelligent people everywhere in the world. The intention was for MENSA to conduct three strands of research:

  1. To test intelligence tests, and identify correlations with intelligence.
  2. Mensans as the subjects of research.
  3. The Mensan as an instrument of research, i.e. where they themselves chose areas of interest to research and write reports on them.

This book reveals some of the research conducted on or by Mensans over the intervening seventy years. Under its first president, Sir Cyril Burt, MENSA systematically conducted research on thousands of its members from 1946 until the death of the esteemed British psychologist in 1971. Burt’s research was challenged after his death, but it is debatable whether his detractors were fully aware of his MENSA research. MENSA was conducting big data research long before it became fashionable during the 21st century with the advent of powerful computers, and much of this research was made available to government departments at the time.

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